What To Expect From Jeff

The economy, pace and realities of modern life are throwing many blitzes our way.  Businesses, organizations and homes are impacted negatively when we fail to apply the keys to great relationships and teamwork.  Profits and peace of mind are victims.  Blitzes are not just crises, but are opportunities, if we provide humble, serving leadership and develop committed, trusting teamwork!  Our approach determines the difference between being victims of change… or agents of change, who transform bad things into good, and good into great.

Jeff delivers keynotes speeches or interactive coaching and training sessions with a board, management team, staff meeting, or group of key clients on facing blitzes and turning problems into positives through the power of teamwork.

Coaching and training sessions typically range from 2 – 4 hours.  Full days and off sites are available.

All sessions —whether the audience is large or small—will be personal, interactive and challenging. Small group forums allow for dialogue, questions, and group brainstorming sessions insuring value to your team.

Fees are flexible when Jeff can do multiple programs in the same day or trip.  Making the most of a trip away from family and home means Jeff schedules events when the honorarium match the value of a day’s presenting, whether it be to one group, or a couple.  This benefits non-profit organizations who can balance their fees with those of a business training/coaching session.

Jeff will invite and offer specific ideas and actions to make positive changes in your work, team, organization or family.  Consider: One particular exercise’s brainstorming idea can generate far more immediate profit than the amount invested in a teamwork coaching session.

Your enthusiastic satisfaction is the goal.

Jeff will refund any honorarium or fee if the stated objectives are not met.