Replication…Mark of a Legacy

30th March 2012

Are you building legacy in your family? One of the values in our home is encouragement and using words to honor, affirm and express our love for one another.
We have a tradition to celebrate and encourage each member of our family. This is usually at a birthday meal, special occasion or moment of need (like the night after I went from starting QB to getting cut from the Seattle Seahawks team mid-season).
We have a “special plate” that we place at his or her spot at the table. We don’t always need the plate, but it triggers each of us to start sharing what we admire and love about that person. With four boys, you can imagine some of the duds that have been fired, like “Your Legos are cool.”
However, we knew it was a valued legacy when one of our grown sons told us he’d had his college frat buddies do it at dinner one night. Not common, but really cool.

Replication is the mark of a true legacy. Build your traditions…and legacy.

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