Relationship Before Rules

21st March 2012

I remember once when I was about to punish my young son for misbehaving toward my wife and throwing tantrums.
He was not listening to any of my fatherly correction and I was losing my cool.
But, Stacy saved my bacon by pulling me aside and reminding me that I’d been gone from home a lot and had not spent time with this son. She recommended I go outside and play with him to fill up his love tank and restart the relationship. That’s exactly what I did. Soon there was no need to hammer him on the rules.
Rules without relationship equal rebellion. Anyone who has to follow rules set by someone in bad or anemic relationship with them will hate the rules and may even lean toward rebellion.
Whether at work or at home, rules are needed.  However, when the underlying relationship is missing, they are often resented and flaunted.

Here’s a reminder to focus on relationships, before and above, rules.

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