Non-Profit Presentations

Trusting Teamwork

Companies and overcoming organizations have learned the key to results is relationships—building the trust that allows transparency, debate, commitment, accountability, and results.  Teamwork is the competitive advantage that must be built and grown through common vision, appreciation of various strengths/roles, and sacrifice for the good of the whole.  Exercises and interaction fuel this message as a highly productive and enjoyable training session.

Relational Leadership

The greatest leadership replicates itself.  It is humble, relational, visionary, empowering, focused, and transformational.  Hall of Fame NFL coaches and epic leaders throughout history shifted the focus off of themselves and onto the team that would accomplish the vision.  Great leaders master the art of abandoning themselves to the strengths of teammates and serving them to reach their potential.

Conquering Blitzes

Life and economies present a myriad of unexpected challenges and problems.  Like the best NFL teams and most inspirational people, overcoming individuals and organizations positively face blitzes as opportunities.  To develop the grand perspective, relational wisdom and team innovation make the difference between defeat and victory, between victimization and transformation. Conquering blitzes means turning troubles into successes through teamwork, vision, and a relational value system.

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