Non-Profit and Faith Event Endorsements

“You absolutely knocked our socks off with your thoughtful and passionate presentation!  No speaker has done a better job of tying their message into Camp Fire’s work.”

Dave Surface, Exec Director, CAMP FIRE USA Snohomish County Council, WA

“I want to thank you for a FANTASTIC job speaking to our men.  Your message could not have been more clear, more insightful, or more helpful.  Every guy I have talked to since the retreat said how deeply impacted they were by your message.  God has given you a wonderful gift, and He uses your humble, yet straightforward, delivery in a wonderful way.  Thanks Jeff!”

Mike Young, Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church

“Thanks again for speaking at our Pacific Oil Conference prayer breakfast function.  Your talk was very well received and hit home to many of the participants.  Your stories were very applicable to all of us and interesting because they opened a window into the sport of professional football.  I also appreciated your straight forward presentation of the gospel. One quote I heard after the breakfast was that ‘Jeff’s presentation was like a tight spiral, right on the numbers.  He made it very easy to “catch” God’s gift to us all.’  We were very pleased and commend you to others.”

 Todd Shaw, Vancouver Oil Company, for the Pacific Oil Conference

“I want to applaud your efforts to spread the Good News and your impact at our Whittier Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  Your personal insights as son of a football legend and esteemed political leader brought the uniqueness of your story, yet a commonality among all.  Your vulnerability positively impacted many people.  Thank you for speaking out about husband-wife relationships, family, and Judeo-Christian values. You impacted many people and made a positive, thoughtful influence on Whittier.”

                                             Hon. Joe Vinatieri, Whittier City Council and former Mayor

“Jeff’s presentations have always been thoughtful, insightful, engaging, entertaining, spiritually centered, and moving.  More importantly Jeff is a mission-minded leader who is committed to improving the lives of people, and especially to helping couples to build stronger and healthier marriages and families.  Jeff not only demonstrates a detailed understanding of the landscape of marriage education and enrichment, but he shares from his experience, bringing with that a sincerity and passion that you can feel. In short, Jeff Kemp is the real thing.  His dedication, passion, knowledge, and commitment to his mission are clearly evident.  Having Jeff as a part of our events was and continues to be a great blessing for our mission and I would highly recommend him.”

 Wade Jackson, Executive Director, Family Dynamics Institute

“Jeff gave a wonderful keynote speech at our 2011 Community Marriage and Family Summit, which connects marriage and family advocates and provides them with resources to strengthen marriages and families in their communities.  Jeff was both moving and inspiring.  His humble transparency and winsome storytelling served to bring our group together, both intellectually and emotionally.  He got us focused on our common cause and connected with all of us in a powerful way.  I am happy to recommend him to you.”

 John Jauregui, Vice President of Community Initiatives, Georgia Family Council

“Jeff Kemp is a highly impassioned and accomplished man and speaker whose heart has been captured by the incredible need to strengthen both marriages and the institution of marriage itself. As his ministry continues to grow in influence and depth, he will certainly impact more and more people over the future of our culture and the role of both marriage and family within it.

 Dennis Peacock, President, Strategic Christian Services

“I want to commend you and affirm your message, methods, and vision. I am particularly grateful for: The humility you exhibit and foster in others, your ability to give your message the context of the bigger vision, your bullet point notation system that hits the highlights without overloading, your ability and commitment to work with and advance the work of others within a “movement”,  without it being all about you, your use of sports analogies without self-promotion – very effective, and you are an honor to your father and your Savior.”

R. Leck Heflin, President, Pontis, Inc.