Lose Your Focus, Take A Fall

22nd March 2012

Recently, I got to go mountain biking on Tiger Mountain. I was riding down a trail and having a great time. I started thinking “man, I’m having fun and riding well!”
When suddenly…slip..slide..wham…my thoughts quickly turned to “ouch, that smashed my shoulder.” I let my guard down, crashed my bike, and got bit by the tiger.
I was complimenting myself on riding well at the very moment I slipped up in my steering, found my tire off the trail, and my shoulder suddenly and painfully planted into the hard dirt.
My analogy to family life may be a stretch to you, but its proven true time and time again: Don’t take the quality of your relationships, or peace in your family, for granted. Don’t give yourself too much credit and lessen your focus on communicating well, helping your spouse with the family responsibilities or getting out on dates for fun.

Stay focused on investing in relationships. It doesn’t take much to lose your balance in this busy life.

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