Great Wedding or Healthy Marriage?

23rd March 2012

Would you rather your son or daughter had a great wedding, or a healthy marriage? 
Fortunately, they’re not exclusive. But imagine what marriages would be like if a couple, and the many people who care for them, invested in their relationship with as much intensity as the wedding?
What if the time spent digging through bridal magazines was spent digging into marriage preparation sessions?
Instead of spending tens of thousands to throw the all-time party, what if couples spent that money on weekly date nights, baby sitters, and occasional getaways throughout their married life?
What if instead of investing thousands in bridal gowns they went to a relationship coach each year to enhance their relationship?
What if instead of registering for gifts we sought a mentor couple and built a couples group of true friends to support our marriages and families?

Great wedding or great marriage? Invest most in the one that lasts.

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