Faith Presentations


Listed below are presentations that Jeff has given

and is able to give to your group/conference/event:

On Faith and Life:

  • My Personal Faith Journey – emptiness of success, value of life’s blitzes, contrasts in value systems and unconditional reconciling love

  • Facing the Blitz: Turning Trials into Triumph

On Marriage and Relationships:

  • The Ultimate Team: How Marriage Works When We Work at Marriage

  • Don’t Fly Blind: Love, Sex and Marriage (for younger or college groups)

  • Beyond Consumer Marriage: Overcoming the Culture and Becoming a Relationship Investor

  • Why Knot: Marriage Matters to Us All—Our Economy, Society, and Freedom

On Parenting and Legacy:

  • Parenting with Purpose

  • The Handoff: Passing on a Legacy of Leadership and Love

  • Rites of Passage


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