An Amazing Forgiver

28th March 2012

I went to a memorial service for a good man who made two terrible blunders in his life. This man divorced his sweet and faithful wife twice in one lifetime. Yet, when he died the sweetheart of his youth and he had been happily married again for the third time. What allowed this happy ending?  What kept a family’s legacy intact and warm?  Forgiveness.
Twice, his wife forgave him and let him restore his trustworthiness and love in her life. Some would think she was crazy or foolish. However, her family knows her as secure, wise and deeply happy. She endured great sorrow but she learned the secret that so many miss: Forgiveness is a gift we not only give to another, but a gift we give to ourselves.  Forgiveness frees us from bondage to bitterness.  It is more than a onetime decision.

Is there some forgiveness you have withheld? It may open a door to reconciliation.

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